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In fact, there IS a way to use Thunderbird (or any other POP email client) with this method and still schedule it with Automator. I just did it, and it works. I've done this under Snow Leopard, so if you have an earlier version of the OS, you may want to adjust the instructions to fit...

1. Launch Automator and select "iCal Alarm" as your workflow template.

2. Add "Launch Application" as your first action, and select "Thunderbird" from the pull-down menu of available apps. (You can find this or any other action using Automator's search bar.)

3. Now we'll want Thunderbird to pause long enough to check for new email. So the next action to add is "Pause." You can set this for any amount of seconds, minutes, or hours that you wish. I set mine for 3 minutes, which should be more than long enough for Thunderbird to check for any new mail and bring it down.

4. Now that Thunderbird has checked for mail, you can either choose to let it remain up, or have it automatically quit. If you want Thunderbird to remain up, skip to step 5. If you want it to quit automatically after checking for mail, do the following:

-Add "Quit Application" as your final action in the workflow and select "Thunderbird" from the pulldown menu.

5. That's it! Now you select "Save", and Automator will prompt you to give a name to your new iCal alarm. Once you enter the name, iCal will launch automatically and, as noted in the above article, will give you options for your new event. Edit those as shown in the article, and you're done.

For extra security, I use this in tandem with a freeware program called Email Backup 2.5, from Squashed Software. This will allow you to back up your email profile from all of the major Mac email programs, including Apple Mail, Microsoft Office (versions X through 2011), Thunderbird, and Eudora 6. Email Backup 2.5 is available at Squashed Software's website. (I can't include the URL, because MacLife's spam filter treats my post as spam if I try; but just search for Squashed Software in Google and you should have no trouble finding it.)



Backup Gmail Address book is also the big issue,isnt'it.
How do you backup them? By vCard/CSV export?
But we have to know we can't save photo by vcard/csv.
I searched for a good tool for backuping, and found.
It can Backup/restore photos. Wow! This is it!
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I mistakenly deleted all the emails I thought I didn't need anymore. Well you know how that goes...

I used the Thunderbird method. Not only did this clear my gmail backup problem, but also recovered all my emails from when I first signed up for my account. And with attachments. Wow! Thanks!



This is working great but I'm not getting any of the attachments. How can I have the backup include those as well?



>now we have a copy of every Gmail message ever sent or received in Mail
No, we don't. I followed the instructions in setting up Mail to download all my Gmail messages, but it only downloaded the ones from 2008 -- nothing since. Does Mail (2.x) have a limit on the number of message sa mailbox can hold or something? Any help appreciated. I really need to have local copies of all my Gmails for my records. Thanks.



gmail is a really cool stuff.. and the new buzz in gmail is similar to yahoo buzz. and the themes are also cool and the best thing is, it is simple to use and faster too.


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