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It's the slowest solution I've ever seen for VNC like functionality. I've been doing remote access via PCanywhere, uVNC, Windows Remote Desktop and other for 10+ years.I cannot argue that "it just works"'s great for no techs to use...but the screen refresh is unbelievable bad. I jused to think it was because I was wireless N between my Apple Router and my iMac...but a hardline proved that not to be the issue. Must painfully slow and this is between my work and home with a route on Roadrunner with 20-30ms pings between LANS!uVNC baby!



I used Back To My Mac for a while and found it did not always work. I liked being able to move files when it was working but that is not a must have. I can always email the file or ftp, idisk, etc. I switched to LogMeIn and found it more reliable. I also now have access to remote control my Macs and those of my family from my iPhone and iPad, which I do not believe you can do natively with Back To My Mac without turning on VNC. This has worked great. I use the free LogMeIn and paid for the iPhone/iPad app.

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