Can You Use iCloud Without Lion?



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You know I have never felt Apple abandons its user even though I have questioned some of their moves.
I have been a .Mac user and then suffered though the growing pains on MobileMe. But iCloud is plainly alienating a lot of Mac users who cannot upgrade to Lion either because of hardware issues or legacy applications supported by Rosetta. I can't believe iCloud was given a green light when the only OS that would support it would be Lion? I think Apple has mistaken all Mac users as being loaded with cash and would simply buy new hardware if their current Mac would not support Lion. This is one case where I like Microsoft's Windows better. Just think Microsoft still supports XP and even though its slowly being dropped as being capable on new features on Windows 7. XP users have mostly been able to stay in the loop. That's more then I can say for Apple who seems to drop support on a whim and just leave its users in the lurch. My advice to Apple is don't complain when people are not migrating to iCloud fast enough when you have handicapped the whole process for users. Not everyone has a iPad or a iPhone. Not everybody needs iCloud. I think Apple your ideal to lock users further into your garden has backfired. Especially when you can't even fully support previous operating systems that you created.



Apple is seriously pushing away it's loyal customers like myself with this bone headed idea. I have a Macbook Pro, an iMac, and an iPhone. I can't believe that people with windows products can use iCloud, but I can't because I won't upgrade to Lion OS...There are a few reasons that I am still using Leopard and Snow Leopard, and can't upgrade to Lion. I refuse to loose the use of several programs ( a lot of $ spent). Apple is actually excluding a large part of it's base customers with this. If Apple doesn't add iCloud compatibility for Leopard and Snow Leopard, my next computer purchase will be Windows!



You can sync your calendars with iCloud on Snow Leopard using BusySync. This will let you sync Reminders and Events. It's also a great iCal replacement on Lion if you hate the new iCal interface.



Thanks for the link to the instructions to connect Snow Leopard Mail to iCloud Mail. I've been trying to figure out if this was possible

Though I might use less colorful language than Mr. Happypants I pretty much agree with all of what he said. When Windows Vista and 7 users can access iCloud but not Snow Leopard something is seriously rotten in Denmark.


Mr. Happypants

What a crock of sh*t. I posted a reply on one of the threads at the Apple Discussion already, but this really is a crap move that appears designed to force faithful Mac users into either updating to an OS they don't need, or scrapping perfectly usable hardware for new, more expensive models.

I'll be looking at something like Dropbox or SugarSync to replace MobileMe when it expires. Thanks for nothing Apple, what a disgusting grab for cash.

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