Change the Text Message Alert Sounds On Your Jailbroken iPhone



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you actually can change the text shown. you just have to convert the sounds.strings in html edit the name for the sound and then convert it back an then replace it.



This is a great tutorial, but there is another way to accomplish the same thing without modifying the delivered files. Simply create a Winterboard theme, and then use Winterboard to implement it.

Go through the steps of creating the sound, but when it comes time to install it on your phone, navigate to /var/stash/Themes. (this folder is created automatically when Winterboard is installed). Create a new folder, something like Custom SMS.theme (the .theme extension is important!). In that folder, create a folder named UISounds, then drop your file in there (make sure it is still named sms-received4.caf if that's that one you want to replace). Then launch Winterboard and turn on your theme, and you're done!

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