Command Line That'll Send You to a Galaxy Far Far Away...



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media sorcerer

media sorcerer-its in the mayan calender,and its to do with equinoctial processional cycles and the earths wobble on its axis as it rotates around the sun,it moves 1 degree every 76.2 years off its axis,and hits its peak in 2012,thus causing the magnetic poles to reverse,causing massive climate upheavel,flooding,continental shift etc,it comes every 4400 years,the last time was the great flood,the ancients knew and left messages for us to be prepared all over the planet in monuments etc and within ancient fables and stories etc,i dont giv a fig if its true,cos we need change here,im kinda hoping actually,no-body lives forevever,its a good reason to enjoy life in the moment as much as you can,and to treasure your fabulous mac,so go have some fun and enjoy this good life while you can ey!!!!



They are reffering to "THE END" as the end of the of the world, the Apocalypse, the destruction of all man kinds destructive accomplishments, or if our planet was a game console... mother natures reset button. 12.12.2012
If not Ill have one helluva hangover on the thirteenth to answer to.



"Hopefully the film will be finished before 2012. Because we all know what happens then."No, I don't. Do tell! Star Wars 3D? Another movie?

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