The Complete Guide to Backing Up Your Mac



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This system is based on the absurd idea that all data is equally valuable.

How much of your data really is lose-your-house stuff? Be honest, now, don't count your Pr0n collection. Your last five years' tax info would qualify. Identify the few GB of truly vital information and Dropbox it. If you are truly paranoid, keep a second copy on Sugarsync or

Next, what is of sentimental value? Your kid's baby photos? Back it up to Flickr or Picasa. Your music? There's a copy of that on your iPod already. Movies? You can always re-rip your DVD's or re-download your iTunes purchases, but you'll probably want to back up home movies.

Everything else is just a mild irritation to lose. Time Machine can handle it.

There is absolutely no reason to back up system files. You can always reinstall an OS. Another case of "mild irritation".



I have a Time Capsule 2tb that handles all my back-ups & a seagate 650GB that handles my itunes an Other various Media. I have never in my ENTIRE computing life ever had my HD crash on me..ALTHOUGH..i have had issues with back-ups b4 and ended up losing most of my Data when i had a PC..but Again i've never had an issue with backing up..not to mention..i can always use another External and & connect them together.



This is actually a no brain-er. Using the correct USB cord type, I use an old 500GB hard drive partitioned to Mac format and viola!, the rest is handled by Time Machine...point blank. Anything of a 'critical' nature (like creative docs) I dump onto a class 6 SD memory I will have doubles of those major critical files. If you are a professional service...I only hope that you are creating dual back ups as even a back up needs a back up.



In addition to all of the above, I also email, in 20mb chunks, data to my various web email accounts, for access away from my "burnt out home" if needs be.

20mb chunks are password protected .dmg disc image folders

Just copy empty 20mb and then fill empty ones before emailing.

All sensitive data is also password protected matter of course.

Be aware, if you change computer, you cannot access previous different computer Time Machine data, unless you do a full restore, especially if you upgrade from say 10.6.8 to 10.7.3

To this end, I also backup directly to an external 1tb external HDD.



What about Crash Plan? I've tried both Backblaze and Crashplan, and I believe crashplan is better. For one, it is available with an iPhone app, so you can access your info.



I personally use my old 2006 iPod 80GB to back up my MBA2011 64GB with Time Machine, as i look at the iPod classic as a Apple certified HD!

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