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i have a PC at home on povlav media and i use a mac at work on time warner is there a way i can remote acess the mac from home?



Wow! This is fab news. I didn't know this and I didn't expect it! It would be of great help for my work. Now I can keep a closer eye on my internet reputation management research. Great article!



I too am a satisfied LMI Free customer, for many of the reasons above. I bit on a trial offer for Pro, only to find out that Pro does not support the Mac. I'm still waiting for a response from LMI to see if putting it on a Windows computer will allow the features of the Pro to work - esp. printing on the Windows computer. The user, above, doesn't specify whether the server & 10 workstations are mac or PC.

Otherwise, it's been great for basic access, such as data entry and viewing files, and the security features are a great comfort.



I use LogMeIn ( which allows you to use their basic product for non-business purposes FOR FREE. I do this with several of my machines and have a couple of friends that I support (for free) configured with this product. I've been using LogMeIn for more than 6 months now, with no hassles from their sales dept. to purchase, no technical issues to speak of, and a lot of successful use.LogMeIn works without making holes in your firewall and does authentication through their servers. it works within the hosts web browser and has a small component that installs on the target. You establish an account with them (like I said - free) and install the client on the PC or Mac you want to control remotely. It is very easy to do and takes little time. I use it on the Mac (host) from within both Safari and Firefox. On the Windows PC's it works with IE, Firefox... look at their web site for details.The free version does not offer file transfer between target and host, otherwise it is in parity with their paid basic version. I also use the paid version to support 1 server and 10 workstations and am very happy, for those interested.I have no relationship with LogMeIn other than being a satisfied user & customer.


Joe Rybicki

duke_seb, you can enable VNC on a system level through System Prefs > Sharing > Remote Management > Settings > "VNC viewers may control screen..." However, it doesn't offer quite the same flexibility as using Vine Server; with this method you can run either on a system level or just as-needed, and you get a bit more control over the settings.


Correct me if im wrong but if i enable VNC on my mac at home and map the port through my firewall.... why would i need a server software?

seems to me i would only need the VNC Client

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