A Crash Course on Time Machine



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I find it works seamlessly for me - using a Time Capsule.

Just migrated to Lion and I dont see the option to use local snapshots - do I need to delete the old backup or something to get that?




TM is a bit of a pain. It slows the system down considerably, enough so that users have developed a free app to do what Apple should have done: enable TM to do the backups at a time selected by the user. The app is called TM Editor. I tried it for a while, but it had absolutely no effect, even tho' there are many satisfied customers. TM on my mac desktop still started up as soon as I started working, even tho’ I had it turned off and had TME set to do backups after midnight. Obviously something else is going on. My only solution to the frustrating mac slowdown (which Apple should fix!) is to switch off the 750 tb drive when I start up. Any solutions, apple?



"Time Machine backs up to an external hard drive connected to your Mac, or over your network with an AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule backup drive. "

It will work with any networked drive.
I have a NAS drive connected to my Airport via Ethernet. TimeMachine works just fine.

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