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If you have a dynamic IP address, you can use no-ip ( It works pretty well for me.

My question: how do you make the Mac leave the screensaver? I couldn't do it remotely with VNC. Any tips?




Maybe I'm missing something but how does this work without a static IP address? What is meant by "Under Private IP address, enter the translated IP address of your Mac."

For anyone in the know, how secure is it to just pick a random port b/w 49152 and 65532? Can't someone scan/ finger for open ports?

If anyone has a clue better than me, I'd appreciate it.


Jason Whong

The translated address is the non-routable IP address that your Mac uses. In my case, it was This has been my IP address for a while. If, by static IP, you mean static, translated IP, I can see your point. I have only been using an Airport Extreme for a few months; prior to that I had an SMC Barricade router that let me assign static, translated IP addresses to computers. It is possible that the Airport Extreme may decide one day to hand out a different IP address, but I have not noticed this yet on my setup.


To get around the potential problem, you can set an IP address manually for your Mac; you can even tell it to use DHCP for everything except its IP address.

(If by static IP you mean the routable IP assigned by your ISP, then that's answered in the article: check your IP address periodically to make sure you know what it is... or pay up the extra money for a static IP.)


Picking one of the dynamic ports (between 49152 and 65532) adds security because you're changing the port to one that is nonstandard. The first place an intruder usually checks is the standard port. If there is no answer, they can try other ports, but usually the intruder is not targeting you specifically; they're targeting machines until they break in. It is quicker for them to try to break in over the standard port, and if they fail, they move on to someone else. If they want to keep trying to break in, they can try all of those ports; if they happen to guess the port, they then also have to guess the password. Enabling VNC is a security risk, but having it on a non-default port is more secure than having it on the default port.

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