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Wasn't there .Mac in there somewhere? I still have to log in as .Mac to access my iDisk - huge problems when it went over to Mobile Me and despited an hour on line with an Apple expert, managed to solve it myself - I had to log in with a rubbish name which Mobile rejected, then put in the correct details using .mac instead of me, and it would finally allow me access to my iDisk? Weird!

I find the recent changes are incredibly frustrating as because of the software I have and use, I don't want to change to Lion - like so many others, and before the recent changes, I had my iCal public calendar publishing to my website so people could click on a link on my homepage and find where I am on my public calendar - I work in schools doing PD work. Now the only way of doing this is sending everyone who MIGHT like to contact me, a link so they can subscribe to my public calendar. WHAATTTT - that's crazy!!!
Sorry, off to use Google Calendar like so many - waited in anticipation for Apple to sort this or at least give us iCloud on Snow Leopard.



Use caution when switching to iCloud if you have shared calendars in iCal. My spouse and I shared several calendars (household and biz projects), both of us on MobileMe. It worked flawlessly.

My new computer came with Lion, so I switched to iCloud. Ooops. We can no longer share calendars until he switches from Snow Leopard to iCloud (we're holding off because we need at least one computer on Snow Leopard because of Quicken debacle, but I digress).

I like iCloud fine. I just wish I had been warned in advance that I would lose access to all of our shared calendars. I didn't realize how much we relied on them until they were gone. t asked at the Apple Store before switching to iCloud, but was told there was no reason to hesitate. Even THEY were unaware there was a problem with shared calendars (but they certainly are now!). They were very apologetic, and I don't mean to take a dig at the Apple Store folks--they've saved my skin countless times. I guess it's a learning curve for everybody.

Just hope to save someone else from this problem since it's so avoidable. If you have shared calendars, you have to keep all parties on the same system--either MobileMe or iCloud.



I have four people in our house using my iTunes/Apple ID. I obviously do NOT want them all to have access to my data and I certainly don't want access to their music purchases! I have yet to read a comprehensive explanation on how to set up accounts for these four other people, two of who are teenagers.

And, since I don't have an iOS 5 capable iPhone, I'm not sure iCloud really has any incentives for me to even use it. I'm perfectly happy with DropBox (I now have 6.5 GBs FREE).

I may end up setting up accounts for three of these residents, assuming they can arrange some kind of credit card/pay scheme. Franky, the whole inconsistent evolution of iTools/MobileMe/iCloud is leading me further away from Apple's 'plan' for my life. Whatever happened to their "it just works" philosophy? iCloud seems designed for a single person with multiple devices (3, at least!). That may be the new standard but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.



Photostream sucks big time. It won't let you delete or choose anything. Everything gets uploaded. FAIL!
I want my iCloud drive to appear right on my desktop and act like an external drive. I want to sync ANY type of file I want. Basically, I want Dropbox, which I already use, but better.



A great article, which kind of summarised a few things. I'm a little disappointed at the lack of 'good' iCloud integration in Mac Apps. Going from an iPhone to an iPad is great when your Docs are being saved automatically in iCloud. But let's say you're going from Pages on your iPad to Pages on your Mac, the result is not very Apple like at all. Having to grab your Docs from the iCloud.com page, and then having to re-upload it afterwards just doesn't do it for me. I'm very much hoping that iLife '12 and iWork '12 will have this just built in and ready to go.

For anyone who's interested, there's a series of iCloud articles I've done as well.... goo.gl/ygdsl


Mr. Happypants

What's the deal with Photostream & controlling what does & doesn't get pushed to my iCloud storage? I really don't want every single image from my phone being arbitrarily pushed to online storage. Anybody have a better solution?

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