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Glad to find this article, but we encountered a problem.

Aug. 2, 2011, using Lion, we opened a .txt file with TextEdit, in order to view the file's content, which is a simple list of some 10 usernames and passwords that we use for installation of applications and setups on Mac's.

We did not save the file - we only opened it to view the info.

Then we closed the file and quit TextEdit and deleted the file, emptying the Trash.

We restarted the computer.

After the restart, we located another .txt file that we wanted to read gen'l info from ... but:

As TextEdit launched and at the opening of a window that the user would think, is the window of the .txt file of interest, INSTEAD, TextEdit REVEALED ALL THE CONTENT of the previously viewed .txt file that had been deleted and the Trash, emptied!

The revelation of the PREVIOUS .txt file, occurred for a moment of about "one one-thousand ... two one-thousand" during the window animation-opening (whatever) that TextEdit does.

We found, therefore, that Versions on Lion, is a major security risk.

Reading more about Versions, above, we VERY MUCH would like to DISABLE VERSIONS.

We suppose, that starting up the computer from some other volume or as a single user, and deleting the .DocumentRevisions-V100" directory, is possible, but we would prefer to find in an easy GUI setting of Apple's Lion, a setting the clears that.

Because the idea of creating secure documents, is that the secure information is *in* the documents BUT NOT in a slew of "versions" stored away at Apple's choosing.



I think this is less of a Versions bug and more of a Resume bug. Resume is another new feature in Lion that will automatically restore file and window state in applications. You can disable this feature by going to System Preferences > General, and uncheck the box labeled "Restore windows when quitting and re-opening applications." 

Resume is a very annoying feature that Apple has included in Lion.



Is there a way to turn off the Versions feature completely or control how many version of a document are saved?



Unfortunately, Apple has not yet provided a way to turn off Versions. Hopefully they will enable users to do this in a future software update.

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