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I'm still looking for a way to copy/paste the path to a "found" file or folder. Suggestions?



For example, a fast way to get to the Applications folder is to command click any application icon in the Dock, running or not. The Applications folder opens and highlights the application you clicked.



Assuming you want to manipulate the file you found instead of opening it (like to copy the file): If you have a found file in the Spotlight menu and you want the to show the file in Finder, just Command-Click the file name (or highlight with the keyboard and Command-Enter). This will open a window of the folder containing the found file with the found file selected. This can be very useful if you are looking for a group of files that have different names but are all related. For example, you have your Annual Presentation, Yearly Budget and 2010 Schedule all in a folder somewhere. You want all 3, but each have different names. Finding one and then going to the enclosing folder will bring them all to you.

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