Finding an Old Card to Run New Apps



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I used one from applemacanix on my old G4 and my brother (who is the Sawtooths current owner) has twin monitors still hooked up to it and says that it works great still. Applemacanix is on my favorite sellers list on eBay.



I have a Radeon 9800 Pro from eBay seller "applemacanix" in my Sawtooth (AGP Graphics) G4, for exactly the same reason (trying to squeeze everything I can out of this oldy-but-goody machine). This is a PC card that has been reflashed with Mac-compatible ROMs. Works perfectly. I have it driving a DoubleSight 23" LCD at 1920x1200 through the DVI port which my previous video card (Radeon 8500 Mac Edition, itself an upgrade from the original Rage 128 in the G4) could not do. Supports Quartz Extreme, of course, and I have had no problems with any other graphics-intensive apps (although I'm not a gamer).  The best part is it was only $100.

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