MS Word For Mac: 10 Amazingly Crafty Tricks



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I just bought MAC 2008 for my work related issues. Everything in the Army has an excel spreadsheet for tracking tasks, soldier data, schools, etc. I love it. Yes there are a few quirks, like any program, but all in all it works smoothly. These tips definitely will help me keep track of my men and our essential equipment. Thanks. Perkins Out.



These are all fantastic tips! thank you!
But what bugs me the most is when I hit return theres a 10pt space between the line I was just typing on and the new one. I can change this in the spacing and alignment panel but it only does it for that document, when I create a new one, or quite the program it goes back to 10.
Is there a way to set it at default of 0?

  -Kevin Duncan 

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