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I've been trying to use MouseWizard for a week with very little success. I can't get the extra gestures to work, and it causes a problem with Safari that makes it hard to close tabs, as well as making mouse-clicking unresponsive in general. Love the idea, but needs a lot of work.



You can Download a program called "Better Touch Tool" to make more gestures available on your magic mouse. Just Google "better touch tool" to find the page to download to program. You can get expose, spaces and the middle click to work on the magic mouse using three finger swipes. It's a free program, and works pretty good.



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Haven't tried this because I don't own the new Magic Mouse.

But you could try this: BetterTouchTool. It's a free application built on the MultiClutch pane (which broke in 10.6) but it is now like MouseWizard in that it has to be running and runs in the menu bar where as MultiClutch was a pref pane. So far BetterTouchTool has worked great for me, even better than MultiClutch. BTT lets you set two and three finger swipes as well as taps for the Magic Mouse. For the trackpad it lets you set rotates, zooms, and 4-finger gestures as well as the above mentioned two and three finger swipes/taps. Not only that, you can set them for Global or specific applications. As I said I don't have the Magic Mouse so I can only vouch for it working as described on an early 2008 15" MBP.

Best part? Totally free.


NOTE: I'm not affiliated with BTT at all, just passing it along. Also, note that it is not a completely polished app yet, being only at v0.327 (stable). However the developer is daily improving it. And like I said, it has had zero issues for me so far in SL 10.6.2 and in fact is more reliable than MultiClutch was in 10.5.

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