Put Your Mac to Sleep Now!



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In OS 10.5 open System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse, then click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab (you'll be creating a new one).  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list of Keyboard Shortcuts, then click the + button to bring up the dialog to create a new Shortcut, select All Applications in the Applications drop-down menu, then type the word 'Sleep' in the Menu Title field (the brilliant Mac OS recognizes the word 'Sleep' and knows what it means! Does Vista?), then click once in the empty Keyboard Shortcut field and press whatever key or key combination you want to assign to this new shortcut.  It's as easy as that!  I chose the F3 button on my iMac (because it wasn't already assigned), and fn+F3 on my new unibody MacBook (because F3 alone was already assigned to Expose).  Works like a charm.  FYI, if you've got one or more unassigned keys on your keyboard you can use it/them to create application-specific Shortcut(s) for ALL your important apps.  Just follow the above procedure, but select whichever app you want to use it for in the Applications drop-down menu.



That was put way to happy and cheerful... it made my eyes bleed...

Aside from that, very helpful to know those commands, hopefully I remember them.

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