How to Automatically Restart a Frozen Mac



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My experience has been the same as yours, rickpdx. Lion has never automatically restarted a frozen computer for me. I'm very curious at the technological underpinnings of such a feature. If the computer isn't responding to anything, how can it know that it's not responding to anything and restart itself? It'd be great if it worked, but it seems like a contradiction.



1 Put the hard disk to sleep
2 Wake for network access
3 Allow power button to put the computer to sleep
4 Automatically reduce brightness before display goes to sleep
5 Start up automatically after a power failure

I active the 2, 4 and the 5 option only.

The 1 may cause problems with some software, and 3 is not good if your computer get frozen.



Wonder how reliably it works. My iMac froze up hard last weekend and I gave it an hour to see if it would restart. Left to run errands. When I came back home, still frozen. Had to push the power button to get it to restart.

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