How To Avoid Data-Roaming Charges



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Thanks for sharing.
Here i wish to add some additional information about mobile roaming.
If you need to stop Roaming phone signal while visiting abroad,You should keep in mind the following instructions
1.Turn your voicemail off
2.Just switch Data Roaming off with a help of your service provider.
3.Try to access network through Wi-Fi while visiting abroad.
4.You can also avoid roaming by use the local carrier sim card,which is available in that country.The following preferred carriers offer a 20% discount off standard roaming rates (excludes flagfall) for your voice and video calls:
Hong Kong – HKCSL
India – Airtel
Indonesia – Telkomsel
Korea – SK Telecom
Macau – CTM
Malaysia – Maxis
Philippines – Globe
Singapore - SingTel
Taiwan – Taiwan Mobile
Thailand - AIS
Before put local carrier,Make sure your phone is unlocked or not.If it's restricted by some network,try to unlock your phone using I hope it will be very useful to you.



The author mentions the 5gb Dataconnect plan on(ATT?) which has not existed since June if memory serves correctly.

Pt. 4 changing SIM cards will not work unless your iphone is jail-broken (at least for an ATT iPhone 4).

The point of the article was to save data roaming charges, I guess it will save you by not working.



Airplane mode, while initially shutting off WiFi when you set it to OFF, allows WiFi to be used. Best idea is turn to airplane mode as soon as you get on the plane to leave, re-enable WiFi, and don't switch back to Regular mode until you get home.



While In Mexico I stay in Airplane mode and the phone is useless just for a camera. Finding wi-fi spots is Hell. Its way cheaper to buy a to go phone there.



We spent the summer in France and another way to get WIFI is to go to McDonald’s. Pretty much every McDo in France had free access to the internet. So you get yourself a coffee and away you go. Many hotels also had free WIFI access. We stayed at the Étap hotels and pretty much all of them had free wifi. From the advertisements many others also offered this to their clients.:o)

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