How To Back Up Files With Time Machine Alternatives



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What a pathetic article, and a complete lie for a headline ("How To Back Up Files With Time Machine Alternatives"). The head line says "How to" but the only direction you give is to buy ChronoSync. And unless you count the parting reference to SmareWare you only really talked about one "alternative," singular. That makes this little better than an advertisement.

Never fear, I'll mention another great option: CrashPlan ( Here's the awesome part: you can use there software, for free, to backup (incrementally and continuously) to an external drive, another computer on your network, or even a friend's computer over the internet. You get very fine tuned control over the backup schedule and which folders get backed up. They make money by selling cloud backup and a few advanced features, like backing up different sets of files to different locations, but stick to the other features and you don't have to pay a cent. Local and offsite backup in one, for free.

[Edit: P.S. CrashPlan runs on Macs, Windows, and Linux, so you can use practically any computer as a remote backup destination.]

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