How to Backup Time Machine to Multiple Locations



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Molly Campbell

Is there a way to have Time Machine backup my hard drive to a web server? I have it backing up to an external hard drive right now, but I've had so many problems with external hard drives going junk or corrupting files - I almost lost hundreds of family photos a few weeks ago. I have my own website and have unlimited space on the server, and I would like to have Time Machine do a backup there as well.



I was working through the above when I discovered I couldn't back up a network device... OK no big deal I'll do something else BUT I cancelled the process (so never got to the "use both" choice) and now I find I've lost my original time machine!
Any idea how to restore it?



@JohnNash The reason I would want to follow this procedure is to have an offsite backup, in case my house blew up, burnt down or some other major tragedy. The intention is purely to have a monthly/quarterly backup offsite just in case, not as a regular location to restore from. It is a valid point, one that should be taken into consideration, but for my ease of mind this process works.



While multiple backup locations are great, anyone who's tried a restore will note one problem. Time Machine is not merging your backups into a single list AND only the data source that was used last has the time machine history presented to the user.


Data Set A has 1/1/12 backed up.
Data Set B doesn't have 1/1/12 backed up

Data Set B was the last destination volume used.

Entering time machine will not show a backup done on 1/1/12.

Maybe this was set up for someone who used the same device and backed up at 2 or more physically different locations, but for someone who has multiple backup targets at the SAME location, it can become problematic when wanting to restore.

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