How to Batch Convert Images on Your Mac (Without Photoshop)



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Thankyou so much! This was so useful!



This is awesome. Super simple when I slowed down and followed your directions! Thanks!


David Cardillo

is there any way to use this to export a tiff at a resolution higher than 150ppi?

all in all the action works great — but it down samples my hi-res pdfs into unusable lo-res images



So easy and helpful! Thanks!


Carrie Marie

Followed your instructions and this worked awesome! Thank you for making the conversion SO EASY!


Christiaan Dros

This was very helpful! It saved me a lot of work, and I'm sure it will save more time in the future. Thank you for the accurate guide!


Dap Dap

It's my first time to use MAC's Automator, and this guide works. Thanks Laurence Cable



PLEASE remove this post. Then, have it re-written by someone who has never, ever done this before. They will likely find the steps that the expert is so used to doing, that s/he has forgotten to write them down. Little things like:
- when you drop Today's date in the text line, Current time disappears (unlike the posted image)
- that using " or ' does not move you around, but rather types " or ' into the text field

This looked SO promising. I was completely delighted to find it. But it simply does not work. Find the missing steps, then repost.


Carrie Marie

I've never done anything like this before, and I was able to do it. If you try again and read each step carefully then do the procedure- you will be able to do this as well. If you have any understanding of Mac you'll get it. Good luck"


Claudia Lima

You saved my life. I didn't even know that I could create an app so easily, but when I received 842 raw images (.dng) from a client and had to convert them into jpeg I panicked. The app ran smoothly at 10.8.3. Thanks!


Christian Hartleben

The script's a bust, and a site which can't get that right - or correct it subsequently - is truly a pathetic mess.

You have wasted my time. From now on I'll trust MacWorld and other, competent sites for my information.



I followed the steps to the letter but the application fails on Snow Leopard. The new folder is created, file copied, but the step that converts the file to a new format fails. I believe this is a problem with Snow LEopard (a bug) that has never been fixed


Philippe Dube

You can also make it a service, so that you just right click the folder of all the images and it can automatically do it. This way you don't have to have it as an app. I find it easier this way.



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