How to Batch-Resize Images with Automator



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Preview is certainly a good solution for some occasional resizing. There are also other nice free options, such as ImageMagic (command-line utility), Preview or something else plus Automator, etc.

However, if this is a part of your job and you need a true flexibility, a special-purpose application will save you a lot of time, and offer much more opportunities. Many users chose our batch image resizer Resize Sense for its outstanding flexibility and convenience.

Disclaimer: I am the developer. You better judge Resize Sense yourself. The introductory video on the product website (search for "Resize Sense') will tell you exactly what is so special in Resize Sense. There is a free demo version.


Carsten Legaard

The Cupertino company used to tease the Redmond company with its too many clicks. "The famous Redmond double-click," they would laugh at The Infinite Loop.
Then they came up with this futuristic new solution called Automator. Now You would simply be able to batch resize (or rename) files in just 24 simple clicks and draws.
"We simply had to redefine the whole process," Ivy said and added: "It just feels sooo right using a whole evening automating the batch resizing (renaming) a handfull of images in just 24 simple moves, something, that out competitors have to use largely two moves to get done."
Wauw - Apple certainly has blown away the competition once again ... NOT?

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