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J Keirn-Swanson

Simplenote is a free software that is multi-accessible in all kinds of ways and can be as big as you want and there's no need to autosave at all. You can log in through a browser at the Simplenote site. You can download a Simplenote app to your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and there are a few different versions of standalone software for your Mac that are quite wonderful too. There's one that runs constantly, with a teeny tiny footprint in the background, and you access it through the menu bar up top, there's a widget version, then there are straight up software packages you can download and run as a program.

I've just recently discovered Simplenote and I'm a total addict. It's a simple interface and it works like a charm. I type up my grocery lists on the computer, then boom, it's on my phone when I get to the grocery. No buttons to press, nothing. Give it a whirl.

But also, I'd totally recommend what Susie said about breaking up your journal into smaller components. More than six months worth of typing something and you'll be losing where you kept stuff. Simplenote makes it easy to find too....

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