How to Clean Your Mac



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Mr. Happypants

Any tips to completely clean an older white & clear keyboard? We have them here at work and they are seriously funky in the light of day. The innards too have collected all manner of crumbs, hairs and who knows what else. Yuck.


Johnny Mac

To be PERFECTLY CLEAR...NEVER spray any liquids directly onto any mac surface. Spray the cleaning solution ONLY on the cloth to be used for cleaning. It only takes a drop in the wrong place to "Brick" (Kill) your device. Trust's no fun as a tech, having to tell a client that they need a new mother board or screen because they got, "only a drop" of liquid in the device.



If you're a member at Costco, they sell an Optical Cleaning Kit in their optical center. Runs for about $5-6, last time I checked. Comes with two bottles of cleaner, two cloths, and other stuff. I only use the cloth and the cleaner, and I use it on my Macbook Pro's glass screen all the time. a) The cleaner (AR Kleen lens cleaner) is ammonia and alcohol free, and b) when I run out of it, I bring my bottles back to Costco and I can refill them for free!!



Wow. That is a great deal! I'll have to check it out when I run out of iClean. Thanks for letting us know about it.

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