How to Completely Shut Down Lion



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Rick Mattie

After clicking on the apple, hold the Option key down and click Shut Down or Restart.



is there a shortcut like this for the 2011 MacBook Air? I know about pressing the power button to bring up the shutdown options window.




Never trust a software review from someone with 1381 unread emails.



I don't have any issues at all with CleanShutDown here on my MB Pro with Lion installed... it's worked perfect for the 2 months I've had it installed



been working for hours to stop/ remove the script on MB PRO with Lion. If I could get the script to sit still for a minute or two I could boot into safe mode and clean it out but it is not permitting me to do so. Control Option Command eject is proving to be a safer way to doing things, glad to hear its ok on your platform



downloaded the clean shutdown script, installed it and now my mac is stuck in a endless shutdown and reboot mode, unable to force quit the script as it it running and only shuts down, restarts and the script, nice job guys, how about a little more testing before giving something accolades



That sounds as though there is an issue with the Resume feature in Lion. You should be able to start your computer normally by holding down the Shift key while rebooting (this will keep any programs from automatically starting when your Mac starts). 

Once you are in Mac OS X Lion, head to System Preferences > General, and uncheck the box labeled "Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps." It should work after doing that.

We never experienced any issues when testing the application; otherwise, we wouldn't have recommended it. 

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