How to Convert Voicemail to Text Messages



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>> "Once you enable conditional call forwarding, new voicemails will no longer show up on your iPhone’s visual voicemail screen..."

This is kind of ambiguously stated... obviously this will disable your provider's native visual voicemail system (bypassing it altogether) while CCF is active... but as soon as you cut it off, does visual voicemail return to normal working condition, or is this something that once you change it once, you've gotta get the provider to re-program the phone to get visual voicemail working natively on your phone again, etc?

I'd like to try this out, but then again... I don't want to risk screwing up my normal VV system and then having to deal with... going through what it takes to fix it.

I see no reason it would botch the normal visual voicemail up, but I need some re-assurance from you guys before I risk it!

(And the "risk" is not in can it be fixed... the "risk" lies in the potential hours wasted on the phone or in person with confused salespeople who have no idea what I'm talking about, much less how to fix it. That risk...)

[edit: I looked for that Tango app you mentioned, but there's like 40 of them. The closest guess I could come to was "Tango Video Calls"? Is this the one you were referring to in your comment?]



There is an app called Tango which is free and does the same thing without all of the hassle! I showed all of my family and they claim that they found it first! haha! Hope this helped!

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