How to Delete Apps via iTunes to Free Up Some Space



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Definitely a good tip, one that I use a lot. By using that method, I can still manually sync my iOS devices... but have control over which apps I do and do not want on each one. This also means I can un-check an app on all of my devices, essentially deleting it from them all, but I still have a copy in my apps library should I need to use it in the future. One huge pet peeve of mine is that the dropdown box here always selects "Sort by kind" by default, no matter what. I don't own an iPad, so sorting by kind is of no interest to me. The big problem with that is, everything isn't alphabetical now, it's split up into 2 or 3 different alphabetical sections, so anytime I try to find an app by name where it should be alphabetically... Oh wait. I'm in the iPod+iPad section. Then I have to manually change the sort order back to alphabetical. every... single... time. Some of these settings not sticking are a real constant aggravation. But anyway, back to the tip...

I do this a lot for apps that go free for the day or whatever. I'll download the full version, then just un-check it to remove it from my device if I don't feel I have a use for it at that moment (but might in the future). Meanwhile, you still get of the app's updates via iTunes, so you can keep track of what new features maybe have been added or bugs fixed.

With a big update, an app may have finally added a certain feature that you required, but had to dismiss the app because it lacked that certain feature or whatever it may be. Now it's useful to you, and you can sync it right back to your device, as if you never removed it. It really helps keep a lot of those "crapps" from absolutely taking control of your iPhone (as they tend to; just look at my username). Hoarding tendencies + an app store with hundreds of thousands of apps just waiting to be installed and never touched again. Never a good combo. They call me the digital packrat. If you said something on AIM in 1995 and deny it, I will bust out the log of the conversation and prove to you that you're wrong! Meanwhile, also proving to you that I have problems to even be able to present that log to you in the first place...

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