How to Delete Unwanted Mac and iOS Apps in Lion



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I love AppZapper, and use it quite often to keep my machines running clean, but like all uninstallers, it has it's limitations. Don't get me wrong, it will do everything it claims, but residual folders are a clean up item one we must do manually. Additionally some apps run from within containers that are not easily found.


its DLANTZ again....

Gotta agree with b_dubb. App Zapper FTW!



AppZapper > This Nonsense


Adrian Hoppel

Hi b_dubb, thanks for responding.

I have used AppZapper and a few other apps designed to get rid of apps. Personally, I prefer a little more control, or at least I prefer not to give that kind of control to another app. 

- Adrian



& to add to that apps like that will NOT delete files used by the app to put limits. doing it this technically means (though not endorsed by me (or Mac|Life i think)) you could run irip in demo by installing and deleting then reinstalling.

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