How to Disable Notification Center in Mountain Lion



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How do you deal with the new 'dying battery message' in Mavericks, which isn't anymore a pop up message instead it gets displayed only in the notification center?



Hi Cory & Tom, thanks for the article on disabling the notification centre, but ...

I stumbled in here when I was trying to fix an issue/problem/annoyance with my trackpad. My notifiction centre seems to dedicate an inch of the right-hand side of my wireless trackpad to detecting one of my two fingers used for detecting my left and right swiping, which in turn reveals the notification pane, and then hides it again.

Just to clarify further, in Snow Leopard and Lion I had full access to 100% of the wireless trackpad touch area, and with no delay and no problems. In Mountain Lion, that inch dedicated to swiping for notification centre introduces a delay to normal usage. So that if I do not need notification centre, but I do want to move my cursor, and I happen to press within that inch, there is a 1 second delay before the cursor wakes up ...

It almost feels like Mountain Lion is delaying cursor movement, for a second finger to join the first to reveal the user wants to swipe for notification centre. A 1 second delay delay though. For someone like me who only ever gets emails, and does not use, and probably will never use notification centre, the easiest option is to turn the feature off ...

But even with it disabled, the trackpad still has that delay ... even though I can no longer swipe in notification centre due to disabling it - it is still using that delay ...

any ideas?



Don't disable Notifications if you have Calendar events, if Notifications is disabled and passes over a Calendar reminder it is gone; you won't be reminded of it.




Fix Calendar Notifications! In iCal you could schedule the next reminder. With Notifications there is none of that for Calendar events, they just keep scrolling down the right side of the screen above everything else until you snooze or close them. Give me some ability to set the next reminder in Calendar events, please.


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