How to Disable Your Google+ Account



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Rose Beghtol-Hunt

Thought I would write in and let you know that I was unable to delete my Google+ Account today, and although there was a non-clickable link in bold face stating that I COULD NOT DELETE my Google+ Account listed right above a clickable link in normal type stating that I COULD delete my Google Account. Now, wait a minute! That was not much!!! Guess which option I chose? For the moment, I went into the profile to see what privacy guards I could use. I could delete the account I have been using for years, but then the email I have stored (and other things on their cloud), will be erased within a couple of days, according to their current instructions 04/16/2014. Since Google is making such a BOLD STATEMENT that I CANNOT DELETE my Google+ Account, without deleting my entire Google Account, I'm thinking about doing just that – just for the principle of it!

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