How To Downgrade From iOS 5 to iOS 4.3.3



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I downgraded my iphone 4 from ios5 to ios4.3.3. As you said I couldn't restore it from my ios5 backups. Is there any chance to make it?



I couldn't get it to work, it said that my iPod touch 4th gen on iOS 5.0.1 is not eligible for the requested build. What just happened?



wait is iOS5 out? if so why put this article out as apple could change things right?



I lost 12 days of texts and about 20 pics. Once you do the restore it will tell you your back can't be used because it was created on a later IOS. Would you like to restore to factory settings, etc. No matter what you do at this point you will lose anything created on IOS 5. Why? Because the restore to factory will overwrite the backup you did before your restore after re-syncing. The best way to assure this doesn't happen is to do a backup one day or so prior to restoring to previous IOS. Again, you will not be able to load the backup from IOS on an earlier IOS but when IOS 5 RC is out and you want to reload it. .. you will be able to pull up that backup at that time. Hopes that helps someone. I learnt way to late..

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