How To Download Videos from YouTube with Safari



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FaceSwap Morph

I know a easier wany to download Youtube Videos for Mac.
Try this perfect video downloader: Total Video Downloader for Mac


Anna Brooks

Hi! I just want to let you know that Eltima Software has released Elmedia Player, which can save YouTube and other videos in a couple of clicks in its PRO version.



There is no need to convert .FLV files or open them in VLC Media Player. Install the Perian plug in for Quicktime and they play just fine in QT. If you have QT Pro you can edit the movies in QT.

There is also a plugin for Quick Look that allows .FLV files to be played with a simple tap on the space bar. That opens them almost instantly and you can even view them full screen that way. Much easier then the method described in this article.

The plugin file is called flv.qlgenerator and it goes in Library/QuickLook.



Too bad the folks running this web site aren't as knowledgeable as some of the users. Thanks, Numbuh One, for the hint to hold down the option button while clicking. That does make it work



Download free RealPlayer SP from and the included RealPlayer Download utility will do the work for you, including converting (I believe—haven't used that function yet.) It's much easier than rooting through the Activity window. BTW, I used to LOATHE RealPlayer, but it actually works pretty well now.



When I double-click on the file, it just opens a new window that begins to play the video.



Doesn't work for me either. Maybe somebody should test these things out before publishing?


Numbuh One

Try holding the Option key down while double-clicking.



I have Evom, I should use it sometime and see what it's like. I also installed a Safari plugin that puts download links right in the YouTube pages, but it hasn't worked too well for me.

Most of the time I use I like that it gives you a menu of all the available formats and resolutions. You just change the domain of the YouTube video to "". The downside is there's a kinda creepy message the first time you use it that asks about granting the site "control" of your computer; so far no ill effects though.



You can also use Evom, which is free. You just copy the link into the program and it'll ask how you want to convert it: whether for AppleTV or iPod, or even just the audio track for listening.

It's a bit easier than digging through the Activity Window for a specific file, because Evom automatically finds the video file.

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