How to Download YouTube Videos



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this way is not avaible!
I use a powerful mac video downloader app called Total Video Downloader for Mac to download youtube videos.


Anna Brooks

There is no activity menu in the latest versions of Safari. So it will be more reliable to use online video downloader service like or stand-alone app like Elmedia Player PRO, which can be used as YouTube downloader for Mac.


Myee Fazebook

I'm running Mac OS 10.8.2 with Safari 6.0.2.

Relying on your tutorial I spent 30 bucks on Quicktime 7Pro and then began following your directions. Got as far as step 2 which says "open Safari’s Activity Menu by clicking Window > Activity."

Problem: There IS NO "Activity Menu" under the window tab or any other menu tab in Safari 6.0.2.

Did a search for Activity Menu in Safari help and the only thing that came up was "Monitor activity in the Safari window" which said to choose Develop>Show Web Inspector. Unfortunately doing that did not bring up any status information showing "The loading file . . with a status of “x of y MB.” So there was no URL to copy into quicktime.

Geesh 30 bucks and nearly 3 hours later and no YouTube video downloaded.

All I've learned is what won't work. Not pleased to have wasted my time and money.

I's really like to be able to download copyright free video from YouTube to my mac for a class project I'm working on. Would be most grateful if someone directs me to instructions that will work . . . . :-/



When the blank window opens, Safari starts downloading the file automatically and gives it file type extension .flv. QuickTime X can show an .flv file type automatically. QuickTime 7 (don't need Pro) needs the Perian plugin (see to show an .flv file type. When opening the file in QuickTime, it can take 30+ seconds to start showing the video; so be patient.



I am trying to follow these instructions and when I double click in the activity menu it opens a blank page in safari. Then Quicktime doesn't open properly - when I open Quicktime all I get is the controller bar(play, rewind, pause, etc), not a screen that would show the video or that shows it is loading.. Assistance would be appreciated.



Thank you very much Mac Life geniuses for making me waste my money downloading Quicktime Pro and looking for the Quicktime 7 when I have Lion. Would it kill you post updated instructions?


Dark Chld

You will find that, you don't need to spend money buying Quicktime Pro, but you can use the standard Quicktime X that comes with Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7

Same procedure as described in the article



or use keepvid



:D :D



jack jack jack is right right right, yo. At step 2 of your instructions, I hold the option key and double-click the video file (usually .flv), and it downloads.



Just read the article in print and wondered why you didn't just the downloading file in Step 2? It automatically saves the file in the previously selected Download space.

Off-Topic: Another trick I like is the to swap input and output without having to go through System Preferences or through another piece of software.


jack jack jack

actually, you do not need to copy it into quicktime. the file will automatically download when you double click in the thing in the activity window

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