How to Easily Keep Your Photos Synced on All Your Macs Using iPhoto



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Be VERY careful when messing with your iPhoto library. I had moved mine from my Mac to a network share, where it lived for a couple of years. Then when I got a new iMac, I moved it to that. As it turns out, only _references_ to the photos were moved, so everything appeared to be fine. When I eventually deleted the old iPhoto library, everything still seemed to be fine, as the thumbnails for the photos were cached locally.

Only when I actually tried to open a photo and got the dreaded exclamation mark did I realized that something was wrong. By then, it was far too late, and all the photos of my wedding, the birth of my son, videos of his first steps, and basically every photo from the first two years of his life was GONE.

Upon looking at the cause of the problem, I discovered that there was a small check-box that I needed to check to make sure that the files were moved, and not just references to the files.

As I said, be VERY careful.



In iPhoto preferences you can select to have the pictures copied to the library instead of just referencing to them kind like iTunes does.

But just like you I did the same with my iTunes library a couple of years ago.

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