How to Edit Video for Free



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I love Quicktime player or iMovie to edit videos with basic tools like Trim, split, combine and share online. However, if i want some advanced features like Greenscreen, PIP on mac, i will use some tools like this one, check the youtube video tutorial here directly: 6k-SOpepVm8


gypsy sojourner

I have QT 10.0 and there is no such option for adding files. :/


Marcia Karon

I'm transferring movies and other recordings from old VHS tapes and I'm not succeeding with these instructions The parts (commercials) that I am trying to trim away, are the only parts being kept. Better instructions please.



I found this article in the September issue and set about trying to string together several clips I have on my Mac mini. I couldn't find the Add Clip to End selection in the menu because it's running 10.0. My MacBook has 10.2, so there's a serious version differentiation that needs to be clarified in this article.



I was confused too. My QT 10.0 on macbook pro (OSX10.6.8) doesnt have that feature. On my newer imac OSX10.7 I have QT10.1 and it has it.

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