How To Encode Like a Pro With Handbrake



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This is a great tutorial for Handbrake, but it's in need of an update.

It needs an update because VLC no longer allows Handbrake to copy DVDs. Now, you have to install the latest version of libdvdcss to be able to copy DVDs.

In January I tried to copy a DVD in Handbrake, but to no avail.

Then, I did some research and found out that I had to install livdvdcss because VLC no longer works for copying DVDs. I would have appreciated it if I could have found that in this article, had I not started copying DVDs until after February of this year.



What can I do if handbrake is only showing the titles partly (eg. title 87 to 99 instead of all) and the needed title is one of the not shown? tried to go to the title directly (eg. 25) but got the message that this title couldn't be found...


minneapolis web...

Great article. Just what I needed and still an appropriate solution. Even though MediaInfo showed my video was encoded with progressive setting, I was still getting the dreaded motion lines. I recoded using these instructions and, voila, no lines. Thanks!



The advice given in the article is dead on regarding discs with 99 dummy titles, however, I like to take it one step further.

Too often it takes handbrake a long time (relatively speaking) to scan the disc when it reads all 99 titles, so what I do is use the option "Open Source (Title Specific)" and only scan the real title. That way there's no waiting and no mistakes.



Hey Dogg i'd have to agree with Chad. I've been using Handbrake for well over 6 months on my Macbook Pro and its as easy as he says.I've even had many 99 chapter dvds and it scans them all and when I hit start it fires right up with the right one. I've ripped over 75 movies and NEVER have had an issue with bad playback through Mac or Appletv.But good article non the less.


Big Fonz

I would like to know if anyone out there know show to use handbrake to convert .mkv to any format that I can use iDVD to burn to a disc.



What is the best way to import into iTunes so that iTunes categorizes correctly, correct episodes, etc?



Don't forget to run MetaX with Tag Chimp integration before adding your new encodes to iTunes.



Hmmm...your article makes it seem harder than it has been for me. I just started doing this yesterday and all I've done is stick a dvd in my macbook pro, it starts to play it and I escape and quit the dvd player. Toggle the settings on the right side and choose your desired output - for me it's the ipad settings. Then click the source button and choose the DVD you want to copy. It automatically scans the titles FOR YOU. Then click start. I have ripped 4 movies so far and they all play without flaw and it really has been this simple for me.



I agree with chad1776. That is exactly the way I have been using HANDBRAKE since its release. For my golf and other tutorials, I manually type the chapters in the chapter window so that I can go directly to the chapters that I want for Replay. I also take full advantage of the Presets.



I agree with D0GG. I've digitized about 100 of my DVDs. All of them have gone smoothly with the exception of my Pixar DVDs, which tend to use this 99 title trick. I'm thrilled that I know away around it now =)



Then you have been lucky enough not to hit a 99 title DVD. When you do, you might want to have this page bookmarked because you will need to know how to get past that problem.



i was just doing same thing and while it was encoding saw your post. nice tutorial.

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