How To Encode Video with HandBrake



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i prefer ripping them to iPhone format! i love handbrakes customization



I've done this on my quad G5 running 10.5.8 by watching the movie in iTunes (one I previously ripped with Handbrake) while ripping something else and never had a problem. You don't need an Intel Mac or Lion for this one.



Why does no one ever mention Mac the Ripper anymore?

Version 3.1**** the Intel one works fine with Lion. 2.6 does NOT (PPC only)
It's quick and seldom fails (seldom not never) It can be downloaded for free if one searches around.

Used it for many years.
If MtR is bad and naughty so are all the other DVD rippers despite their claims to the contrary.



An amazing lack of instructions here....fortunately most folks already know how to this. I thought maybe there were going to be some new tips in here for better vid quality or something.

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