How to Ensure Your Mac is Working Properly



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Purchased 2 new iMac for Christmas. One for me. I was migrating from a Mac so despite a few problems everything seems to work. My wife was migrating from a PC. We had the store transfer her data from the PC to the new iMac. Had lots of problems with Bookmarks but finally got all the Bookmarks transferred. The problem now is that new sites can not be bookmarked. The bookmarks have folders within folders and appear to be as expected. Tried lots of stuff, Reset Safari, checked permissions. I created an account for myself on her machine, logged in fired up Safari. I could add a bookmark to the Bookmark Bar. Created a new folder added bookmarks no problems. Can not find any solution. Everybody seems to rave about Mountain Lion but I think Apple took two steps backward this time. The so called "features" are well c--p, sorry. I've been an Apple user since the Apple IIE, have to say ML is the worst experience ever! This post will probably cause a lot of flack in the community. So if you have a decent answer and not a workaround like Control-Option yada-yada I'd apreciate some sincere help.



I read that verify disk permissions should be done on regular basis as it prompts any kind of fault on time and helpful in preventing a further hard drive crash. But Disk utility is most helpful in resolving minor volume corruption errors but sometimes may not turn up to severe volume corruption like the directory structure corruption.

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