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Does someone know if it is safe to delete the disabled fonts on Mac Lion?, it typically isn't an erase feature on cleaner applications so one might guess the answer is no. Of course I can always try a test on my virtual Lion install via VMware.



Or you could do what most professional inDesign users do when transporting a project to another computer, which is to package the project by choosing File > Package, thereby creating a folder with all assets, including fonts, necessary to open the project remotely.



Jeremy is correct and what's more, the guy asking the question should know that. His wife is a graphics designer, he (we assume) owns InDesign, yet he does not know about font copyrights, NOR about how to install fonts? That is a questionable graphic designer indeed.



for as much as the digital music and movie copyright concerns are presented with the disclaimer: "Do Not Steal" in your magazine and with your best competitor as well, I'm shocked the web editor did not require the same on this article...

in theory, technically, even sharing system fonts from one machine to another is a breach of copyright laws though it's not really hurting anyone, not even Apple. I'm not gonna argue about sharing Apple system fonts and all that, but the person asking clearly states that the font in question is Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk. that font family can cost several hundred dollars, and sharing it is clearly much less of a gray area than bouncing system fonts from 10.6 to 10.7...

at the very least, I would expect you to advise the person asking to make sure they own the fonts in question—not just his wife owning one license for her two computers, but for his as well. sure, this is clearly a case of do as I say not as I do as I bet if I checked my computers I have some fonts that are only supposed to be on just one of them, but I'm not publishing a how-to article on how to do it again.

two things come to mind, first, remind the person about sharing fonts and how it's similar to stealing music or movies (though in music's case I'd rather support the artist directly in concert than be concerned about snagging a track or two that I never listen to anyway). second, why not advise the person to have the designer export a pdf copy with fonts embedded so that they can view it with the proper fonts in place and mark them for revisions digitally on screen or from printing without any font concerns.

sure, it's a good case study for learning some font book tricks, but perhaps weed out the potentially nefarious advise, and/or edit the submission so that it's not even a concern in the first place.

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