How to Fix iPhone Mail Issues



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I have this same problem with iOS5, I found that when I'm deleting multiple emails this happens. A fix that I stumbled across was to go to the deleted items, empty it out and then go back to the inbox. Seems to fix it.


Drogo Dragonfhain

Good to be able to solve the problems of messages but I'd like to ask about another. This has plagued us from the beginning. How do we get rid of autosaved address' on the phone? I have checked all my email accounts to find these unwanted address' and delete them. However, this hasn't made any difference on my iphone. Please tell me how to get rid of old address' that have become useless; either friends changed their address' or it's 'replies to' that I no longer need or ever needed but are still there. All the time. Is there a clear and easy answer to this problem. I keep hoping for a update to solve this but not is yet to come.



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