How To Fix a Mac That Won’t Wake Up



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Sienna Lai

I just tried #3 .. and now my macbook just stays on the gray screen .. overnight.



I'm having the same problems with Lion Server on my Mac Mini. It keeps falling asleep and not responding to attempts to connect to it, despite setting Preferences for never falling asleep. It also seems like Back to My Mac does not always wake up the Mac Mini, although it is supposed to wake up when accessed by another Mac in this manner. I hope they clear this up quickly, since it makes it difficult to keep a Server up and running smoothly.




How do you reset the PRAM when you have a wireless keyboard and the computer needs to be booted prior to the keyboard connecting?



I never had issues like this with my 2007 iMac but did have issues with 2008 MacBook Pro to the point that I had to re-install OS X. Yes, you read correctly re-install OS X.

Also, I did notice similar behavior with latest update that was issued to the Snow Leopard.



Yes, my 2010 iMac consistently won't wake up to a Magic Trackpad tap since installing Lion. But it will wake to a click on the USB-connected mouse. It's a wi-fi issue.



Bluetooth issue, you mean? Magic Trackpads hook up by BT, not WiFi. I find that the same thing happens with my Magic Mouse, I have to use the built-in trackpad to wake my Macbook up.



I have been having this problem too. I noticed that it was not sleeping but dimmed completely. When it does it now I just turn up the brightness control and it comes up.

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