How To Get AirPlay on Your Old Apple TV with Remote HD



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Good addition. I'm now using aTV on both my orginal ATV's and my 2nd Gen ATV. It works well and give the old ATV's 2nd lives as well as adding new features. When combined with Handbrake and AirFlicks; I'm streaming my entire libary of videos, movies, etc. to any wide screen in the house.



AirPlay does NOT work on any iPhone. Apple has disabled support for the iPhone 3G. Evidently, they want to force 3G owners to upgrade. Thanks Apple!



If this company can make an AirPlay app for the original Apple TV can they also make one for Mac OS X? My TV has a Mac Mini connected to it.

I know several 3rd parties are able to make AirPlay devices, but I had assumed they all had licensing deals with Apple that would preclude doing anything as distasteful as hacking the previous generation Apple TV.

[Goes to Google his own question. Returns.]

Apparently you can and at least one shareware developer has attempted such a thing, with mixed results.

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