How to Get the Best Browser Experience from Safari



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I've been using Google Chrome for a while now, love it. Fast and stable. Firefox just crashed too much for me to continue using it. I wish Safari would get its act together with less beach ball.



Install AdBlock and ClicktoFlash extensions and you are half way to a great Safari experience. Next go to preferences, advanced, and at the bottom check show develop menu in the menu bar. Click on the Develop in the Safari Menu Bar and check Enable WebGL. This should enhance your Safari experience.






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It's really remarkable that Apple has allowed Safari to fall so far behind Firefox and Chrome. It does have some nice features tied to OS X, such as tapping to easily enlarge text, but that doesn't compensate for the fact that it offers large blank spaces on pages where a Flash feature should be.

I find myself tired of switching to other browsers and have just about given up on the positive features in favor of a browser that doesn't leave me staring into space.



I tried all sorts of plug ins and extensions but I finally had to admit that Safari was just not very good any more.

I looked around and settled on FireFox. Chrome sends too much to HomeBase for me to be comfortable with it. Opera is good but I found some quirks that bothered me too much. Not that FireFox is perfect. It has some annoying habits as well. But overall it's been much more stable, less beach ball prone, and more compatible with sites than Safari has been in several years.

The thing is that Mobile Safari is quite good. Why can't Apple get it together to bring Safari for Mac up to that level.



The only way to get the best experience from Safari for me would be to find a way to eliminate the constant spinning beach ball every time I try to do something in Safari!! I've tried to open pages before, gone to Firefox and opened the same pages, read what I wanted to and gone back to Safari and the pages have still never loaded.....just the stupid spinning beach ball.



Go to
download google chrome
stop using Safari



and have no privacy as well!



If you use an iPhone or Android phone you also have no privacy. They send data everywhere all the time.



You forgot the most important tool in my opinion: Adblocker. It greatly increases my browsing speed with those annoying banners zapped away before I even get to the webpage I'm looking for. And best of all, like all Safari extensions, it's free!



Adblocker is sweet, but I'm sure MacLife doesn't want us using it since they make money with ads.

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