How To Get MobileMe to Notify You When the Receiver Reads an Email



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Close but not quite.. Mail app version 4.4.1082 requires the following syntax change:

defaults write UserHeaders \
'{"Disposition-Notification-To" = "user@domain"; }'



I've been an Apple user since LISA and Apple //e. I've been lead to believe that Apples are all but impervious to viruses, bots and zombie-ism. With Apple getting more and more market share in the digital marketplace I've been hearing more about viruses, bots and zombies. I've also heard that most anti-virus software is not that great at protecting my equipment. Detracters say it is akin to closing the chicken coop after the fox is in. I've heard a lot of stories about how people are doing a lot of manual resetting, hardware restarting, etc. So, can you PLEASE give us an update about how to better protect our Apples?


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