How To Get Rid of Duplicates in iPhoto



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Hi, I was looking for something to manage all my clicked pictures on my Mac (which I had too much). I came across an amazing duplicate photos cleaner which even brings up the similar photos. DuplicatePhotoFixer try it, it's best.



We just released an app for this too, same concept but simple and fast, also just $5. Its named iRemoveDuplicate for iPhoto, you can find it at We also would love some feedback if you test it!



I wrote a $7 app called Duplifinder to find duplicates in iPhoto.

You can view the sets of duplicates, double-click to locate a photo in iPhoto, press Delete to delete a photo from iPhoto. Or just push "Move all duplicates to iPhoto Trash" to clean up.

If you have any questions about it please email me at
- Stefan



Hmmm, so after you have a bunch of pictures in the trash which are supposed to be duplicates, how do you know for sure? You are back to hunting through your entire library to compare them, so this ap may be clever, but it's completely worthless.

Is there was a reference to the original it would be a little better. Best would be to show the photos side by side.



I have an iPhoto question that may be related to this topic.

Under the iPhoto Menu there is an "Empty iPhoto Trash" option. How do I see what is in the iPhoto Trash to make sure that I want whatever is in there to be deleted?




not sure about this one -- just purchased and can't even register.



I hate when things require another app entirely to do something that should be part of the original. Does Aperture handle duplicates better than this?

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