How to Get Wireless Music Anywhere in Your Home with AirPlay



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Streaming music from iTunes 10.5.2 in 10.6: yes, it works, 10.7 server behind Time Warner Cable Ubee DDW3611 doesn't.

I have three main computers connected to an airport extreme, in turn connected wirelessly to 5 airport express remotes. The two computers still running 10.6 can see them and stream music to them. The mini server on 10.7.2 can see them in the list of Multiple Speakers but they can't be selected. The check mark just blinks back off. It doesn't even get to where it would say the speaker might be in use. Before when the same setup was behind an AT&T Uverse Router 3800HGV-B with IP it worked. I had to change the manual IP configurations to point at router (because while I can set the Ubee to be 1.254 at the setup page, the DHCP page only allows changes to the last byte of the address and 2nd to last is locked as 0).
The server console lists errors like:
12/16/11 5:22:18.612 PM ipfw: 65534 Deny UDP in via en1
where the 1901 port number changes from 1000-5000. I understand it uses a range (sometimes up to 10000) to handshake with the remotes.
Ports I know of: 3689, 5353, 42000-42999, and opened 5000, 6000-6001, and 49000-63000 (for remote to get through when adding device)
I don't have enough control, it seems, to open a specific range of ports in the Ubee router's firewall.
How can I get the firewall port opened (if that's the problem)?
Or how can I get the router to let the server reach and stream music to the remotes if the problem is somewhere else? Royal was under the impression there is a fix for this problem (above) but didn't know how to implement it.
I also tried turning off the Ubee DHCP and letting the extreme base station do it. Ubee stopped connecting to cable.

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