How To Get Your Canon ImageRunner Printers to Work with OS X 10.6



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Thank you Thank you Thank you! I have been unable to print with my new iMac for well over a year. This problem has stumped our ITS staff, the local Canon support, and all my usual sources on the net. I saw this post last night and was able to install and print within 20 minutes this morning. Thank you for solving an issue that has been frustrating me endlessly!

By the way, I have been using TimeDelay's solution. My old eMac has been my de facto print server since the iMac came on board. There's no Mac like an old Mac!



"In its infinite wisdom, Canon decided to only list its Snow Leopard drivers alongside its very newest ImageRunner models, even though those very same drivers are compatible with nearly 100 older ImageRunner printers."

It should not come as any surprise to anyone that Canon would MUCH rather have user throw down another $4000+ on a new Imagerunner than provide you with a perfectly working compatible driver. While Canon gets high marks for (more) affordable inks, and exemplary image quality, they are still in business to sell you gear. OF COURSE it was buried.



A simple fix that I use for connecting to old printers using Snow Leapord is to keep an old Tiger running Mac around. Just share the old printer on the old Mac and use it as a print server. I am doing this to continue using 2 old image setters that need apple talk. I'd image that it would work for any older unsupported printer.

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