How To Install Mac OS X With Only 6GB



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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I do appreciate it.



if your still around or for any one else, this may be the problem.

Your HD needs extra room to expand the updates and stuff. The Updates are -compressed- just like anything else you would download. If you are using 15 Gigs and the updates show 500mb or 1 Gig then the update doesn't have room to expand the extra files. Your looking at a 1/4 to a 1/2 -larger- file size, or more, AFTER it expands. When the "Software Updates" are done THEN it will erase the extra files it doesn't use.

Do a "get info" on the next file you download or use,(dmg, zip, etc,) before AND after you expand it. Then add the two together and that's the total size it takes up before you even used it.

Try to "whittle" down the files you have on the Flash drive and it "Should" work. That goes for any drive also, internal or external.

If you are having problems with running out of room for updates then you may have issues with the slowness of the computer also, spinning curser, etc, (unless your maxed out on ram) because the OS uses the HD as a "virtual Ram" disk for some stuff. The going rate seems to be having an extra 10 to 20 percent of extra room on a boot drive.



I have my OS (Snow Leopard) on a 16 GB flash drive but have been unable to update it. Software update says there is not enough room to complete the install. Is there a way to work around this in the update process? Thanks.



Why would you leave out Quicktime? I understand all the other extras, but Quicktime seems pretty essential to me.

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