How To Jailbreak Your New Apple TV with Seas0nPass (and Install XBMC Too!)



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I cannot get the aTV Flash (black) to install. It seems that it can't find my AppleTV. After the restore when I connect my ATV to my TV (actually, just my monitor via HDMI) it only shows the Apple Logo on the screen and then the screen goes black. The instructions say to have Airplay and Sharing on, but I can't see anything on the ATV. Does this mean that the restore didn't work correctly?



TeraS: In my case I received an e-mail from FireCore when the beta was announced and the e-mail specifically stated:

Current Users - aTV Flash (black) is available as a free upgrade. Download links and any available renewal specials can be found in your account.

It's possible they've changed something since then, but aTV Flash (black) was definitely there in my account and I didn't pay extra for it. Hope that helps!





It's possible since we purchased the version of aTV Flash for the old Apple TV after the release of the beta that we do not qualify for it. Still it would be nice if FireCore would respond to our emails about this so that we know whether or not we have to purchase the black version for our new Apple TV as well.

Thank you so very much for replying JR!



You wrote in the article that: If you happen to have taken advantage of FireCore’s lifetime upgrade option with your original Apple TV, the good news is you’ve already got aTV Flash (black) -- just head to their website, log into your account and you’ll find it ready to download.

That does not appear to be true and FileCore hasn't responded to my request for clarification on that. Can you please confirm?



Thanks for the guide. I installed XBMC on it last week, but couldn't figure out how to get it to see my Time Capsule so it was pretty useless for me. Has anyone been successful doing this?

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