How to Keep Track of Tasks with Reminders in iOS 5



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I have switched MobileMe to iCloud and have set up everything on iPhone 4 and iPad but notice that notes and Reminders are not syncing. Can anyone help?



I have set up iCloud on my iphone4, and iPad. All the buttons in settings are on, yet in Notes, and in Reminders, the info is not syncing. (have switched over from MobileMe as well)
Any tips would be great. Thanks.



I can set up the reminder just fine on the phone. I go to iCal and the reminder does not show up. Can you show how the reminder shows up on the calendar and how you can manage it there or add a new reminder in iCal that will show up on the phone???



you can't the iPhone 3gs does not support location based reminders.



Why is this NOT on the 3GS? What about the iPad?



I'm using a 16G iPhone 3GS, just upgraded to iOS 5. I have made the switch from MobileMe to iCloud, my iPhone has location services enabled, and I have excellent cell service, and am connected to the Wi-Fi in my home.
for some reason Apple's Reminders app will not let me create a location based reminder. any ideas why, or how I can fix this? I've checked all over apple's website, and if I can't figure this out soon I may end up taking the hour drive to my local apple store...
can anyone help me please?

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